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The Food Industry is Poisoning Us, and I Am Proof

Ok, topic #1 – The Food Industry is Poisoning Us, and I Am Proof

No, I’m not going to share my “proof” with anyone. But you can prove it yourself. It’ll take 48 hours – for me it was more like 24. I was sitting in my living room in New York City, 40 pounds overweight, depressed, and feeling absolutely horrible. Every joint ached. Every muscle ached. I moved like an old man. I groaned under my breath every time I bent over to pick something up. I felt like…. and I remember this distinctly… like I was slowly being poisoned to death. Maybe my dog was slipping a teaspoon of rat poison in my coffee every morning?

The next day, I was passing through bustling Penn Station on my way to work. At 9:30 am, this place is packed – trains and subways arriving from and departing to all manner of destinations. As I scurried to my exit, I ran smack into 3 families, each approaching from different directions. We all came to a halt, exchanging impersonal smiles and muttering ‘excuse me’s’, in the process of detangled ourselves. But at that moment, I had a epiphany harking back to my days of disliking biology.

The three framilies were pretty typical of American (and Canadian) families. Two of the families had two kids, and one had three. All the parents were way way way waaaaay overweight – they didn’t ‘walk’, they lumbered. And every single kid in those 3 families was already huge. Really huge. And that’s when it hit me. Have you ever grown bacteria in a petrie dish? That ‘nutrient’ gel at the bottom of the dish provides the food the bacteria needs to grow. Sprinkle a little poison in there and the bacteria won’t grow. Or will deform or mutate or something else nasty. Spray your houseplants with a little gasoline mist each day and watch what happens. I’m not talking about overwhelming concentrations of poisons – just trace amounts. Trace amounts applied regularly over time. Surrounded by the large dangling wads of flesh that was these 3 families, I had the sudden realization that they were not “fat” per se, but poisoned. Just like misting a petrie dish or house plant with gasoline each day, these people had developed significant physical deformaties. So I conducted an experiment. I based it on a book I read years ago called “Fit For Life”, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. For the next 48 hours, I ate nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. Absolutely nothing man-made, or processed in any way. Within 24 hours, all my muscle and joint pain was gone. Another 24, and my depression vanished. Since only Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham can live exclusively on fruits & veggies, I got serious about making my own food in my own kitchen from raw ingredients, eschewing all manufactured/processed food. Over the next 3 months, my weight dropped from 220 lbs to my current 185 lbs. Joints and muscles all better. Depression gone. The big bump on my wrist (called a ganglion, by my doctor), shrunk away and has disappeared. Blood pressure back to normal. My post-surgery knee pains disappeared. No more Lipitor (perscription cholesterol medication). No more hemmoroids. My (very old, American) doctor asked me how I did it. When I told him, he said “that’s nice”. More on his reaction at a later time – it’ll play into my overall theme.

Do you want to know why you’re overweight? Do you want to know why the only thing you can do at the end of the day is collapse into your recliner and wish you were retired or dead? Try the 48-hour fruit & veggie test (check with your doctor first, because I’m not a doctor!). Convince yourself.

In my next post, I will present a hopefully logical argument about why modern processed food should be avoided.



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First Post

Hi folks!This is my first blog posting, so I’ll share a little about myself, and hopefully shine a light in the direction my future blog postings will take. First, me. I’m a 46 year old bald white male software engineer, working for a web development company in southern Ontario Canada, after a seven-year gig in New York City working for the Associated Press (the news guys). I’m bringing up my career since it will lend perspective to all the crap I’m going to say on this blog. For instance, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I’m going to be a little long-winded on how I think the modern food industry is poisoning all of us, and how I proved it to my own satisifaction. I’m going to bring in my experience working at Alcan Aluminum (10 years), and various departments in the Canadian government, like Canada Post, Agriculture Canada (Meat Hygiene Division), and External Affairs, especially as it relates to the manufacture and distribution of food on this continent.I was good in science in school – but more in the physics and math, than biology. I still have trouble thinking of biology as a hard “science”, where everything is so goopy. I started computer programming when I was 15, and eventually went to college for it. It’s been my career ever since. And all of this has taught me to think more logically, and less emotionally. However, there are far brighter people than me kicking around, so I’ll likely indulge in emotion where these greater minds wouldn’t.I have a hobby or two, so I might also blog on these topics as well: Home recording and audio production, guitars, and maybe video games. Speaking of which, what ever happened to the MMORPG Earth And Beyond? Stunningly beautiful game! A total shame the owner junked it, instead of finding a way to “graduate” fully leveled players deeper into their game network. Astonishing lack of foresight there, for sure.Which brings me to the final topic I’m likely to blog about: Corporate malfeasance. Not so much the deliberate kind perpetrated by individuals, but more the ‘monolithic organization’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’ type of stuff. Believe me, in my travels, I’ve seen some fabulous examples of this. I intend to blog about once per week, so please check back regularly for further ramblings, and dirty secrets from industry and management.- spinLock

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