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Hi folks!This is my first blog posting, so I’ll share a little about myself, and hopefully shine a light in the direction my future blog postings will take. First, me. I’m a 46 year old bald white male software engineer, working for a web development company in southern Ontario Canada, after a seven-year gig in New York City working for the Associated Press (the news guys). I’m bringing up my career since it will lend perspective to all the crap I’m going to say on this blog. For instance, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I’m going to be a little long-winded on how I think the modern food industry is poisoning all of us, and how I proved it to my own satisifaction. I’m going to bring in my experience working at Alcan Aluminum (10 years), and various departments in the Canadian government, like Canada Post, Agriculture Canada (Meat Hygiene Division), and External Affairs, especially as it relates to the manufacture and distribution of food on this continent.I was good in science in school – but more in the physics and math, than biology. I still have trouble thinking of biology as a hard “science”, where everything is so goopy. I started computer programming when I was 15, and eventually went to college for it. It’s been my career ever since. And all of this has taught me to think more logically, and less emotionally. However, there are far brighter people than me kicking around, so I’ll likely indulge in emotion where these greater minds wouldn’t.I have a hobby or two, so I might also blog on these topics as well: Home recording and audio production, guitars, and maybe video games. Speaking of which, what ever happened to the MMORPG Earth And Beyond? Stunningly beautiful game! A total shame the owner junked it, instead of finding a way to “graduate” fully leveled players deeper into their game network. Astonishing lack of foresight there, for sure.Which brings me to the final topic I’m likely to blog about: Corporate malfeasance. Not so much the deliberate kind perpetrated by individuals, but more the ‘monolithic organization’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’ type of stuff. Believe me, in my travels, I’ve seen some fabulous examples of this. I intend to blog about once per week, so please check back regularly for further ramblings, and dirty secrets from industry and management.- spinLock


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